Friday, June 24, 2011

Ah, summer. . .

Should be the perfect time for working on a Studebaker, right?

Well, almost. Except the grass grows faster than I can mow it. Then there's all the other chores that come with the season.

I haven't been completely idle on the car front: I ordered a set of 4 heavy duty jackstands; although I already have four, they're mismatched and I simply don't trust them at anything higher than the lowest setting. So I'm getting some professional grade models that will allow me to raise the car to a comfortable level to work underneath. They were supposed to arrive a week ago, but after calling the vendor to check today found that the shipment was delayed--they're currently on a boat somewhere in the pacific, scheduled to arrive mid-July.

I also called Bill Cathcart today, and got mixed news--the next batch of finned heads are being cast now--they'll still require some finishing afterwards but I'm glad to hear that. Intake manifolds are an unknown--the foundry needs enough numbers to make a casting worthwhile. I'll be checking back in a month: fingers crossed everyone. It will happen eventually. I'm just hoping it will happen soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everyone likes a pretty engine

The results are in: 9 readers chose the dual carb / finned head version vs. the 2 readers who chose the turbo version.

Interestingly enough, nobody chose to keep it stock--the path of least resistance. And, thankfully, nobody chose the ubiquitous small block chevy (I have nothing against the SBC--it is a great, proven piece of well-designed machinery--it is simply not the direction I want to take with this project.)

I hope to return to working on the Studebaker soon--the work on the bass guitar is wrapping up nicely. There will soon be evidence of real, Studebaker-centric work here soon.

Thanks to all for voting!