Sunday, October 8, 2017

Painting the body shell

Finally started painting.

Technically, I'm supposed to paint it with the rear fenders attached, but I found some black seam sealer that is a perfect match--and given that I don't have a paint booth, it just seemed easier to do it this way (words I've frequently regretted--but we'll see.)

After a good cleansing it was time for masking.

Always easier than it looks -- it was a lot of work!
 I'm painting a single-stage enamel boat paint. It is an oil-based enamel, which means I can do it without an air-feed respirator which most of the modern automotive paints require. And being a boat paint, it has UV inhibitors in it, giving it a plus over my other options. And from what I've read, it should be a pretty close match to what the car was painted with originally.

Here's my first coat--a light "tack" coat to give the other layer something to stick to...

And here it is after the second coat. Not too bad, considering it has been about 20 years since I painted a car. 

There's a bit more "orange peel" than I liked, as you can see in this close up:

Not bad, but if I put another coat over this, it'll look worse
 So a quick wet sanding of the body shell with 1500 grit, and I was ready for the final coat:

Overall, it laid flat and looks nice. I have a couple small runs that I need to sand out--but that's the beauty of single stage--you can sand out mistakes, then polish it up like they never happened. It's hard to take a picture of black cars--you're seeing more of the reflections of the roof and my lights than of the paint.

On to the rear fenders and doors.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Today I took off the doors, rear fenders and the trunk (and associated hardware.) Yes, I've been here before.

The cardboard? Still have a tiny leak somewhere in the power steering system.
So what's the plan? This is a little non-traditional, but I'm going to get everything painted and together from the firewall back, send the car to the upholstery shop, and while they're working on that (which will likely take a few months,) finish up the front sheet metal.

Really loving the new shop. I'm still working via extension cords, but it is nice to have all the room I need.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Doghouse removal

While I'm sure there's an odd low spot here or there that I missed, it is close enough that I need to tear it back down to paint the door jambs and other spots that don't show. First step, is to remove the front fenders and hood--also known as the doghouse.

This hood is pretty big, so I had to get creative removing it by myself.

That's as good as an extra pair of hands

Amazingly enough, it doesn't scrape the ground
Next, off comes the front cowling and the driver's side fender.

And it's time for lunch. You didn't expect me to work through lunch to remove the right fender, did you? It's a hobby after all.

Ed. Just so you wouldn't think I was overly lazy...

I really need to send this thing out for alignment...