Sunday, January 8, 2012

A slightly different tack

Although I haven't been posting much lately, it doesn't mean that there hasn't been movement on the Studebaker project. There simply hasn't been enough going on to make a decent post. But I started changing that this weekend.

Originally, I had planned on having the body media blasted, then primed, then I'd have it returned so I could weld in the patch panels in the floor. After much consideration I decided to change that slightly--I'm going to weld the areas on the main body unit first--so floor patches (doing larger areas than needed just to make sure), a small area around the door frame that holds the rubber weatherstripping in place (about a 3" length of that), and an area on the right rear of the trunk that I probably don't need to replace but will anyway.

So to that end I've welded supports across the open doors.; this will hopefully resolve any movement in their relative location while I cut sections of the floor out. This is probably overkill, but it is better than struggling to get the doors to align properly after everything has been sealed and painted.

Cutting lines have been outlined in blue tape.
I've also ordered the replacement metal. Hopefully it will be shipped soon.

The hope of all this is that once the body makes it to the body shop for the media blasting that it can stay there until the paint is completed. Fingers crossed: it should be in good enough shape to be primed and painted with minimal fuss.

Up next? After all the cutting and welding, I pull the engine and transmission so the body shop can have excellent access to the firewall.

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