Friday, November 16, 2012

Killing time

I visited the Studebaker today.

It still hasn't gotten into the paint booth (they got a little busy in the last couple of weeks--but the shop manager told me that they plan on getting on it pretty heavy next week as they need to get it out of the way.) This said, I'm seeing some things that changed since the last time: on the front of the passenger door they weren't happy with the shut line, so they were welding to build up material and then were grinding it to the proper profile. I'm happy to see that attention to detail, and I'm afraid to tell them that the 53 Studebaker coupes are known for their poor panel gaps since they were rushed.

I'm continuing to work on the garage--I tore out a poorly constructed wall-to-wall bench to give me more floor room in front of the car. I'm waiting for the temps to reach the 60s on an afternoon so I can paint with the doors and windows open. Things are still on track for having everything ready when the car comes back from paint.

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