Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick update

Stopped by the body shop to check on the Stude, and there's been some work on it since my last visit.

First, both sides of the trunk rear panel have been epoxy primered and prepped:

The trunk lid has been epoxy primered and fitted as well:

And the front fascia has been modified to add clearance for my fan and was fitted as well:


  1. September? !! Hm... lemme see. 1967 Triumph TR6C, 1967 Triupmh T100, 1973 Yamaha DT3 Flat Tracker, 1998 Triumph Daytona and now a 1948 Nimbus. If I ride the Nimbus to your house before you drive the Studebaker to mine... well. That will just be pathetic.

  2. Oh ho ho ho...

    Leaving aside the complexities of a automotive vs. a motorcycle restoration, I think if you count the time that I was actually working on the car instead of waiting for it to be painted (which I would've done myself had I the proper place to do so), I've also built a custom bass guitar--complete with some tricky electronics--and a canoe during that time period. And let me say now that the Daytona does not count as a restoration--that was simply a repair. If you want to sink to repairs, I can throw an 85 Ford F-150 with an engine replacement and a Volvo with an A/C replacement and some electrical fixes. So I think we might be a bit more even then you thought.

    This said, that Nimbus looks incredibly challenging, and I think that might be up to a car restoration in difficulty if you're strict about brining it back original.