Monday, January 25, 2016

And we're back!

That was a lot longer break than anticipated. In my defense, a lot of things happened to delay it--a move to a new house in the country with the inevitable millions of little projects surrounding it; the loss of my two dogs a week apart; as well as the destruction of our daily driver (a 2013 VW Sportswagen TDI) from being rear-ended on the highway (fortunately, no injuries.)

But we've moved, we've got a new puppy to heal our broken hearts, a new car to replace the old one (a 2016 GTI) and I'm in the process of getting a shop built--I've gotten bids and found the best spot on our property for it.  Now all that remains is to have some good weather and start signing checks.

Until that new shop is in place, I'm really limited on what I can do--I just don't have the room in the new garage that I did in my old one. However, I've been itching to do something with the Stude, and the first of those arrived today:

What's in the boxes?
After getting the front fenders installed, I found that I really wasn't pleased with how the radiator fit and looked. Another enterprising Studebaker owner discovered that a Datsun 240z radiator fit really well in that space--so I've gotten one designed to cool up to 500hp and the two cooling fans to go with it.

More to come soon.

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