Sunday, July 24, 2011


Not much to report. I'm still finishing up that bass guitar (the electronics are very complex for this one) I've been working on, so that's taking a good bit of my time. But I ran into a problem with that project that required some thinking time [a particular circuit was working but not as anticipated] so I decided I'd clean up the transmission and rear end.

Oh, I also went to a scrap metal recycler in nearby Albany this weekend to get some plate metal to use to attach my engine to my engine stand--they didn't have quite what I was looking for, but I found something that will work. Or at least should. But it is bigger than I need so will have to cut it down to size. I thought I should tell you about this so you'd know why I didn't start cleaning the engine yet.

But back to the cleaning. Yeah, they were dirty. I scraped years of crud off, then soaked it with a green-colored, non-toxic, biodegradeable cleanser followed up with a few minutes under my pressure washer. Once dry, I hit it again. I even painted the rear end (nothing fancy--not like it will be very visible, but it will keep it from rusting.)

You can tell a lot about the differential from this pic.

With new brake lines and hose attached. I'm not pleased with the quality of the line fitting, but more on that later.

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