Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back on track

So the shell is stripped, ready for blasting (unless I decide to remove the rest of the undercoating first.)

Here's how she looks now:

I'm leaving the engine in for now.

I didn't find any surprises--everything was as expected--including this area by the vent behind the wheel on the left front fender. Ok, almost as expected:

What's that grey substance just above the small hole?
I knew there was rust, not very well repaired, on the driver's side front fender. It is a common place for these cars to rust--there is design flaw at the back of the fender that traps water and debris--so I sanded down the area quickly to see what was there.  What I didn't expect to find under that thin pink layer of body putty was a big lump of an epoxy substance commonly known as "liquid steel." That is definitely not the approved way of repairing rust--although I do have to admit that it has held up rather well over the years.

A good day's work today.

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