Sunday, November 27, 2011


My goal for the long weekend was to have the car stripped to its shell, ready to be media blasted. I didn't quite make it.

still remaining. . .
I made very good speed on the back half of the car, but the front end slowed me down considerably.  I still have 5 things to remove--one of the grills (one, the closest to the camera is removed already), both grill surrounds, the area around the grills and the two front fenders. Unlike most of the cars I've worked on, the inner and outer fenders are one piece. They're not held in by many bolts (and 6 of them per side are out already, but it looks like some of them are not very easy to reach.) So the car will go up in the air a little so I can remove the front wheels to access everything.

A clean trunk is a. . .uh, I got nothin' here.
But overall, I'm making decent progress. Definitely running out of room in the garage--so will be glad to get it out of here to get media blasted so I can reorganize things and get it cleaned up for the next stage.

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