Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buried treasure

I'm about halfway done with the tar removal. I work on it for a little bit at a time--it gets pretty warm in the car with the heat gun on full blast after about 30 minutes. It is going well, though.

Some people are lucky. When they clean up their car they find loose change and even the occasional dollar bill between the cushions. I thought I'd at least come away from this with a solid silver quarter or something, but no, not a single coin.

I did find this wedged between the back seat separator and the trunk:

From what I can find on the internet, Hershey-ets were available from 1954 through 2005 and may still be available seasonally. I don't recall ever seeing them. I think this wrapper may be from the 50's or early 60's, judging from other's guesses on their photos when I did a google image search.

Anybody remember these?

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  1. I love your site Dave. It's like you have a time machine.