Sunday, November 6, 2011

And so it begins, again.

Not as rusty as it looks
I've pulled the front seats, and the bottom of the back seat, out and have started the process of removing the tar-like "undercoating" that covers the surface of the floor. I want to be sure to identify any rust through so I can cut that section out and patch it with new metal; the floor overall is in excellent shape and will not need replacement--just a few spots where moisture was trapped have rusted through. So far, only three small areas have been found.

Another decision awaits. Do you see those two depressions on either side of the drive line hump (under the vacuum cleaner hose)? Those were created to allow a little additional foot space for the rear seat passengers, however, they're very small in size and impractical--apparently, people in the 50's must have had much smaller feet! Most hot rodders remove them to allow more room for exhaust under the car. They're only spot welded in place and easy to remove and replace with fresh metal. Should I flatten out the floor while I'm doing the rest of the repairs?

1 comment:

  1. Flatten it, how often do you really expect people in the back anyway.

    -Andy G