Sunday, November 20, 2011

My car USED to look nice

Not so much anymore.

What did I do!
Unlike most modern cars, the rear fenders unbolt on the Studebaker. That'll give the media blaster a chance to get a good, clear shot at the joints and seams (and also allow them to clean up all that surface rust behind the door.)

The trunk lid has also been removed, and that stuff on the floor on this side of the rear tire is the  remains of the headliner (the headliner bows, which will also be media blasted then painted, are resting on top of the car.) That's the engine in the background, covered in plastic. The side glass has been removed.

Front fender comes next (after the hood, which I need help to remove.)  After the front fenders (actually, the entire front "clip"--everything that unbolts up front) I'll decide if I need to pull the doors--those are tough to remove and the hinges are in great shape.

I'm getting quite a collection of parts:

I think I have a 4-day weekend coming up, so my goal is to have it ready to go the media blaster by the end of next weekend. That's a lot of work yet, but so far things have been coming along well. Of course, I still need to locate a media blaster. . .

UPDATE: All glass (windshield, back window, side windows) are now out of the car.

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