Sunday, June 24, 2012

Naked! (Left front fender, part 3)

Last post, I had one rust spot left to patch on the left front fender--the small hole near the top. Let's get started:

My inspection hole wasn't nearly large enough for the patch--or the clean up of the underlying brace. A few minutes with a cutoff wheel, followed by a wire brush, and I was in good shape.

Following this, I treated the rust, then primed it.
Then it was simply a matter of cutting a patch to fit the opening. I'm getting better at cutting my patches--this one came out looking very nice (if I do say so myself!)

I then tacked it into place, using the standard multiple spot weld technique. I won't bore you with more pics of that.

Then I spent a couple of hours removing all the layers of paint off the rest of the front/top of the fender. I followed this up by shrinking some metal on the lower part of the fender--in the process of welding the patch panels in the wider areas, some of the metal expanded from the heat and stretched. This not only made the surface wavy, it left some areas flexible.

So out came the propane torch, a bucket of water and an old rag. I didn't take any pictures as my hands were full, but the process is simple: heat the metal till it is hot, then shrink it by putting the damp, cool rag on it. It is fun, and the end result (after a bit of hammering) was a much flatter fender.
It is almost ready for finishing now.

Lookin' good (at least to my eyes.)

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