Sunday, August 19, 2012

A tale of two trans

I'm a little tired of doing body work and paint prep, so with the car gone to the media blasters it gave me the opportunity to do a little mechanical work. Time to mate up the new T-5z trans to the old Studebaker bellhousing.

The operating theater is ready to begin the transplant
First, I removed the bellhousing from the old transmission.

That was easy. Only 4 bolts.
 It is amazing how close these two transmissions are in size.

The old transmission is only an inch or two longer

Then a little clean up and a fresh coat of paint (only on the outside.)

Sorry it is so blurry, my phone kept focusing on the cardboard.
Then, using an adapter sold by Dan Giblin, which includes a plate that fits between the bellhousing and the trans and a new steel bearing retainer for the front of the trans that has been machined to the proper diameter and length, I mated the two.

Here's the view from the working end. The kit also included a new throwout bearing (also adapted to fit) and a pilot bushing.

I've never seen a pilot bushing like that. Or a throwout bearing with a grease fitting.
Felt good to turn a wrench again.

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