Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm sick of it, just haul it away!

Mark, tow-driver extraordinaire, chains down the Stude
Ha, ha! Not quite. But finally, some action. The Stude was hauled off to the media blaster first thing this morning. 

Beat-up old pickup loaded with parts

Dick Bunce, the blaster, was very happy about the gauge of metal involved--says it makes his work much easier. And Mark, the tow-truck driver, had never heard of or seen a Studebaker before; I'm guessing from him taking a few snap shots with his phone that he thought it was interesting.

The car is getting completely stripped to bare metal--interior, exterior, top and bottom. It will then be cleaned off and immediately primed with an epoxy primer.

Depending on what they uncover (I'm not expecting many surprises) the body will either head back to my garage for a few additional repairs, or on to the body shop for prep and paint. Fingers crossed it won't be coming back here until it is nice and pretty.

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  1. Nice and pretty! That's what we want. OK - since both our projects are in the hands of others, let's race to see who gets their's back first. It is possible I will have both my motorcycles back from the mechanic up the road on August 26th - naturally, there is no money I will wager.