Sunday, October 13, 2013

Progress report

Things have slowed considerably.

This is mostly due to modifications I've chosen for the car: had I kept the car stock, it simply would've been a matter of putting things back on the way they were removed. But first, let's show some accomplishments:

I took a trip over to Studebaker John's last weekend and picked up a few parts--a new fan assembly (shown installed in the picture above) some gas pedal linkage (installed but not visible in the picture) and a frame strengthening component known as a "bat wing" in Studebaker circles. Right now, that looks like a long, rusty piece of metal--I'll do some before and after pics when I install that.

So, since I'm still waiting for my "short" motor mounts to arrive, I decided to work on some other things. I experimented with a few clutch actuator rods, but didn't quite find one that was the right size: I'll either have to modify one, make a new one, or find the right one from a used parts vendor.

Since that was a bust, I decided it would be a good time to install the rear anti-sway bar (mainly because I was tired of tripping over it in the garage.) This started well--there were already holes in the frame for the mounts. But I'm missing a couple of pieces: the pieces that link the bar to the rear axle plates and the axle plates provided with the kit were for a newer Studebaker than mine, so my shocks won't match up. I'll give the guy who makes the kit a call this week to see if I can get those things shipped my way. Fingers crossed, I won't need to change out my rear shocks since they're brand new.

The moral of this story is modifications might be nice in the end, but they sure add a bit of time to a project.

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