Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clutch operating shaft install

With the change to a 5-speed transmission, neither the stock clutch operating shaft or the bracket that holds it in place would fit. I noticed in a thread on the Studebaker Driver's Club forum that others had used a shaft that had a curve in it to make it shorter, but still leave the rod that goes to the bell housing in the correct position.  And while I had a picture of the shaft in question, I had no idea of which particular model of Studebaker it had come from.

I needed help, and asked the forum. Not only did they identify the shaft in question as one out of a 4-speed equipped Hawk or GT Hawk, a fellow SDC Member from Canada had one on a '61 Hawk parts car.  So, thanks to Gord, I soon had the correct operating shaft for this swap in hand.

First, a little clean up with a wire brush
But I was still missing the ability to connect the right side of the operating shaft to the vehicle. It was time to make a simple bracket.

First, drill a hole in some stock:

Is it just me, or is there a bit of a wobble in that bit? Might be time for some new bearings in the drill press.
A little clean up:

Then a 90 degree bend (hammer time!):

Then under the car to measure, cut to length, measure again, drill a hole, mount the pivot pin and dust cover, then put in place:

Time to pull it back off and paint it.
A simple job, but should do the trick. I think I'll go ahead and add a gusset to the side of the 90 degree bend to add a bit of strength, even though it probably isn't needed.

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