Sunday, May 18, 2014

On to number three

Now that I've gotten the power steering leaks under control (ok, mostly--I have a very small leak around one of the hose connections on the power control valve; I've tightened it up a bit, so we'll see if that fixes it...) it was time to move on to the leaks in the brake system.

From my research on the subject, I have a couple of things against me: I'm using synthetic (Dot 5) fluid and stainless steel lines. Stainless steel is exceptionally hard, which makes it difficult to get it to crush sufficiently in order to establish a seal, and Dot 5 fluid is a bit thinner than traditional fluid. Plus I really didn't have any indication that the residual check valves and proportioning valve provided with the dual master cylinder/disc brake kit were rated for Dot 5 fluid; I figured I'd just start over.

So I ordered a very nice set of residual check valves and a fancy proportioning valve made by Wilwood, ran down to the parts store and purchased a collection of various lengths of coated brake line, and went to work.

First, I found a suitable location to mount the proportioning valve, drilled a couple of holes in the floor, and used carriage bolts to avoid leaving a big bump under the carpet.

After that, it was simply a matter of bending and tweaking a bunch of brake line.

Now all that remains is to bleed the system and see if I have any more leaks. Fingers crossed.

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