Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wing Vents

The wing vents were a mess, and not only needed new glass (they were both cracked) but new rubber weatherstripping as well. So apart they come.

Here's the beginning state.
First, the two screws holding the top pivot have to be removed. (And who knew stainless could rust like that?)

Next I removed the bolt on the bottom pivot, along with the spring. I kept track of order of the washers and shims for reassembly

Now that I had a little more movement in the window, I could easily remove the top pivot by sliding the mount to the side.

Then, after replacing the nut on the end so I wouldn't damage any threads, I gently tapped the bottom pivot out and removed the inner window and frame.

There are two rivets on each end of the outer frame that hold the weatherstripping in place. These must be drilled out (or carefully filed off.)

The glass simply slides in place, but might be a little sticky after all these years. So I ran a razor blade around the edge on both sides, and then carefully slid a screwdriver in the ends and lightly pried to break the seal. Here it is finally broken down:

I won't bore you with the cleaning. First, the surface rust and crud were removed using a wire brush. The inner frame, since it was painted, was sanded and primed, then painted. The outer frame, since it is stainless, was polished using 0000 steel wool and a little WD-40.

Then it was time to install the weatherstripping. This was, by far, the most painful part of the operation. But with patience, a watered-down soap solution for lubrication, and a dull screwdriver to coax it in place, I was finally able to get it installed. If you end up doing one yourself, I found it best to start at the hole for the bottom pivot and work your way outward.

A follow-up with a couple of pop-rivets to lock it in place, and it was ready for reassembly.

And here's the finished product, ready for the glass.

Now time to lather, rinse, and repeat for the other side.

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