Sunday, August 10, 2014

More window prep

Today I decided to get the side windows out and start cleaning them up.

After some basic cleaning it was apparent the seals were perished and so the frame, which is only on the front and bottom edges, needed to come off.

There are two screws holding the pieces of frame together.

You're not seeing things, I'd already removed the lower screw.
The bottom of the frame slid off easily--I'd sprayed it before hand with a little penetrating oil, which I think helped.  But the front piece was not so willing to be moved. So it needed a little persuasion.

Please, tap very lightly!
Then it was time to really clean things up. So I cleaned up the stainless with 0000 stainless and wd-40, and attacked the lower frame with some degreaser and a scotchbrite pad. Next, I went after the window--after it was clean, I realized that what I thought was overspray on the outer edge was actually delamination, and the yellow paint from the last poor-quality respray had seeped between the edges.

Not good. Looks like it is time for new glass for the side windows (both sides are the same.)

Well, I needed to accomplish something, so I got out the rear wing/vent windows. The glass was in good shape, but the frame of one of them was very rusty--and actually had rusted through in a couple of places.

This is not good either.
Fortunately, I'd picked up a pair of complete rear vent assemblies earlier. I hadn't planned on using the windows out of them, just the latches. But after taking them out and cleaning them up, they were in fine shape. Plus, they're a little fancier than mine; the better-equipped models were stainless instead of painted metal.


 There is another difference--this window is lightly tinted. But since I'm replacing all the other side windows anyway, I'll just get them done in the same tint.

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