Saturday, December 6, 2014

Front Bits

Started off this morning inventorying all the parts I have since everything had been scattered between three different locations. It is easy enough to misplace something in such a situation.

After a few moments staring at the repair and parts manuals, I started to fit the front pieces together. Halfway through just resting the parts in place, I remembered to take a picture:

During this process, I found a little dent on the piece that crosses horizontally through the center, so I will need to repair that before I bolt anything in place.

And as you can tell from looking closely at the above picture, I have a lot more room to move the radiator upwards than I realized without having the fenders in place.

Hard to tell from this angle, but I've got a good 1 to 2 inches that I could move upwards. That much upward movement may even allow me to position the electric cooling fan behind the radiator which I'd prefer.

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