Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting back to it

Not much to report in, but I finally found some time to get back to work on the Studebaker. Yesterday, I removed the left rear fender and put the sheet metal on that surrounds the gas filler nozzle, and installed the springs in the filler door.  And today, I cleaned up, installed, and adjusted the hood latch. 

No pictures (there wasn't anything really picture worthy) but it was good to get started back on it again.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave, glad to see your back. I'm hoping you will take some good pics as
    well as a good description of how you install the grille surrounds and
    grills when you get to them.
    I've been following this blog from the gitgo and am anxious to finally get
    to the front sheet metal and trim installations.
    I have a 54 C body coupe and just recently acquired a pair of 54 surrounds
    that were missing when I bought the car. They are extremely hard to find in
    good cond. The pair I got need refurbishing as well as some small repair
    but I'm just glad to have them. If you know of any in your area that might
    be in better cond. than mine, I would def. be interested