Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What color should I paint the Stude?

So many colors, such a crappy picture!

If you're not sure of what the color combinations are--and please don't trust the reproduction above, check out this modeler's site with pics of actual cars in several combinations. Or you can do a google image search, like this one.

Things to consider:
  1. Most people consider lighter colors to be more effective for the design.
  2. I've always wanted a black car with red interior.
  3. I also like 50's color combinations like Ivory Mist over Chippewa Green or over Maui Blue.
  4. I'm going to "hot-rod" the original flat-head six with some old-time performance parts, so maybe a stock color isn't appropriate after all.
  5. Dark colors require perfect body work.
Suggestions for upholstery colors would be welcome as well. Vote to your right, comment below!


  1. hm... I sure do like that Coral Red over Ivory Mist which is shown at the bottom of

  2. I'm kind of a fan of Tahoe Green or Coral Red.

  3. I like the Coral Red over the Ivory Mist as well.