Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 gallons later

This afternoon's project: get the parking brakes working.

Simple enough, just run the cable from the rear brakes to the bracket that attaches it to the handbrake handle. Nothing is that simple though.

On the left hand side of the car, the cable goes above the fuel line. To get it there, I needed to disconnect the fuel line at the tank.

No problem, I think. I know that the previous owner had drained the tank to inspect it the interior of the tank before starting the car. And while he added some fuel, and I added a little more (left overs from the lawn mower) over time, there couldn't be much, right?

Well, you know the answer. 8 gallons. Unscrew the drain plug, fill a container, replace drain plug, inspect for contaminants (it was very, very clean) then dump into my old truck's gas tank.  I came away smelling slightly of unleaded fuel and the truck ended up with a full tank but overall not as bad as it could have been.

The fuel out of the way, it was easy enough hooking up the cable. And now at least I have some form of braking other than the sole of my shoe.

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