Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It has begun again

I'm back at it.

Not much to report, and nothing to take a picture of, but I "closed up the pumpkin" [that is, I replaced the differential cover] and filled the beast with fresh synthetic gear oil designed for use in limited slip differentials. I hope to remove the old differential, rear springs and rear shocks on the car this weekend.

Heads up though, even if I get the old stuff removed this weekend (and that'll be a job since it has been in there for a while) I won't be able to put the new one in. I discovered that the new heavy duty rear leaf springs I got with the drive train package are different years (one is probably a 57, the other a 58 or 59), and so of the 4 rear spring bushings I purchased, only 3 fit. Not a worry--the difference is minimal and will not impact performance. While a new one is on its way from Indiana, it will likely not arrive in time for me to get it pressed in to install this weekend.

Felt pretty good to turn a wrench, though.

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