Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If you want something done right. . .

You might recall that, a few months ago, I ordered all new stainless steel brake lines for the car. Yup, those are the ones--from that specialist place that bends them with a computer operated machine for that perfect fit.

When I installed them on the rear end, they were close, and with a bit of massaging, I made them fit. The line from the back of the car to the master cylinder area (actually, it is supposed to go to the hill holder) was a little short, but that's okay, I think, I can get a coupler and another small section of line and make do.

From there on, it goes worse. The front lines aren't even close. There's supposed to be a 180-degree bend in one--there isn't. The one that runs across the front crossmember was the right length, but the ends point the wrong way.

It isn't the end of the world--I will be able to adjust them--and with the modifications to my braking system it wasn't like they were going to be a perfect fit anyway, but it is frustrating to expect a product to be quality that simply isn't. That said, it really won't slow me down terribly--perhaps a few hours and a visit to the parts store for a couple of generic lengths of line.

But in other good news, I found the right size drive shaft, which I'll pick up this weekend. And since it is a 3-day weekend I'll have an extra day to work on the car.

Knock on wood, I'm hoping to at least be able to drive it around the block on IDYSD!

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