Sunday, March 18, 2012

A St. Patty's Day Surprise

It started out as a nice weekend.

First, I went a few miles north to Independence, Oregon to help a fellow Studebaker driver (Ed) work on the front suspension of his 1963 R2 GT Hawk. For those who aren't familiar with Studebakers, the R2 denotes the supercharged engine. Ed's GT is a beautiful car, and looks to be a wonderful driver. He's going through the front suspension making sure everything is ready for the summer season. On Saturday he was getting everything disassembled so he could replace the kingpin bearings. Since I'd never done anything with a Studebaker front suspension (and will soon be) I asked Ed if I could come up and watch--and assist if he could use the help.

There wasn't much need for assistance--but I did get to see how to take the king pin apart. Always good to know.

I headed back and that afternoon I got everything cleaned up and ready for the final patch in the interior of the car. And this afternoon, I got half of that patch spot welded into place--like the driver's side, I discovered that I needed to split the patch in two in order to get it to line up properly. I'll post some pics soon.

Unfortunately, I was unable to work on the car this morning as planned. Last night (at around 1 a.m.)  someone hit and run my old pickup--too much St. Patty's cheer I suppose. Now my old pickup is just that--a very solid mechanically, but pretty ugly mid-80's Ford F150 that I purchased as a work truck. So I'm not terribly upset. But by the time the police report was filled out and all the broken glass and bits of the other car (a mirror, a torn section of a fender, etc.) were cleaned up, my morning was pretty much gone.

If the taillight hadn't been destroyed, it'd be ready to drive anywhere.
My apologies for the diversion from Studebaker things but I figured most car people would be vaguely curious about the accident.

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