Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trunk Corner Repair, Part 1

You'll recall I mentioned that I was going to go ahead an replace the right rear corner of my trunk since I found a few rust holes there. I started on that project today.

Even though there were a few small rust holes, that rust around the edge of that corner brace bothered me. Plus I knew that this was one of the areas where Studebaker coupes were rust prone. So after cleaning up the top, I moved to the bottom and striped off the undercoating.

A little worse than just a few small holes!
That's no good.

I'm glad I decided to fix it after all. It is, by far the worst rust I'd found on this car. So on to removing all that rusty crud.

Blue marks the spot! (Plenty of solid fringe around the edge of that rust)
Then, after drilling out the spot welds, a few minutes with a cut off wheel.

I feel better already.
There's still a bit of cleanup to do in the areas under the corner brace.

The side (on the left near the middle) appears to be just a good coating of surface rust so just needs cleaned up, but the back (the area running diagonally from the middle of the picture to the right bottom) has some rust through areas. I'll cut those areas out and weld in new metal.

That's enough for the day--off to walk the dogs before the rain starts again.

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