Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Body Shop, Day 3

It has been awhile since it has been all together like this--it was nice to see it. Things are going well--the gap alignment is very decent (with the exception of small minor areas around the front fenders, which is typical of 53 Studebakers) and so far there have been no major surprises.

Well, ok, almost no major surprises. One thing has come up: the trunk lid has been bent in front of the right hinge and was repaired poorly. I'm now searching for a replacement. While it could be repaired--anything is possible--it would be better if I could find a nicer example.

Those of you who have done body work will likely notice the door is too far in at the back--this is because I had left the latch for that side in the garage. That's why I was there today--delivering some parts.

If this pace continues it won't be too long the until secret of my color selection is out.

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