Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the rack!

Before they did the final tweaking on all the shut lines the men at the body shop wanted to make sure that the frame of my car was aligned properly. It is, after all, 60 years old and a lot of things can happen to a car in that time and if it needs to be straightened now is the time to do it. So onto the frame rack it went.

Ignore the hood alignment--the bump stops are not in yet.
I'm happy to report that the frame alignment is right where it is supposed to be--it is nicely straight and square! No adjustment necessary.

In other news, I ordered a "rubber kit" for the body today--there's a surprising number of cushions, seals, weatherstripping, and flappy-things on this car. Since every piece of rubber on this thing was hard as a rock (it really was) a kit was the most cost effective way of getting those things. Hopefully it will arrive soon so the hood alignment can be completed.

The pace has slowed down a bit, but I'm still seeing signs of progress.

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