Sunday, March 2, 2014

More little things

Since the modifications to my radiator won't be finished until next week and the local welding shop wasn't open so I could purchase welding cable to use as heavy duty battery cable, I worked on odds and ends this weekend.

First, I removed the dash so I could get it all assembled and wired and ready to be put back in place. But I was concerned about the steering column being bent by someone pulling on it; more support was needed:

Not pretty, but it works well.
Next up, I decided my brakes were a little spongy, so I re-bled the rears, then adjusted the pedal a bit. They're a bit firmer and the pedal doesn't travel to the floor any longer, but I'm still not happy about it. I'm about out of adjustment, so I might need to source a slightly longer master cylinder actuator rod. That shouldn't be too tough.

I also topped off the fluids in the differential, the power steering system, and the transmission. I figured it was better to do it now than to forget to fill one once I had things ready to start and possibly damage things.

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