Sunday, March 9, 2014


As I said before, modifications always take a bit longer than you expect. The radiator was no exception. Although I had previously cut away the mount so the new radiator fit, I still needed a way to hold it in place.

On the top and bottom, the radiator has strips of metal that run the length of the core along the outer edges. I decided to make a raised area at the bottom of the radiator mount that these strips could slide over, holding it in position. Two pieces of 1-inch square tubing welded together fit perfectly.

This "center mount" was painted and covered in a piece of rubber to insulate it.
Next, I made three tabs and welded them to the cross rod to hold the top of the radiator in position.

A little more paint, and more rubber insulation to come.
Then it was simply a matter of bolting things together.

I mounted the fan as a pusher--the top bracket prevents me from centering it but, fingers-crossed, it will do the trick (a Studebaker Drivers Club forum member reported using the same fan and radiator with no problems. )

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