Sunday, July 22, 2012

Will the undercoating ever end?

Getting everything ready to go to the media blaster next week. Unfortunately, all that undercoating needs to come off. So I went and got the rear fenders, the hood and the front cowling and got to work.
All gone!

Alternating between a oscillating multi-tool with a flexible scraper attachment and a pneumatic needle scaler, I'm getting pretty fast at this (well, the rear fender took about 3.5 hours.)  I managed to wear out my multi-tool (it was a cheap, poor quality tool) by the time I got to the second piece, the front cowling, but I was far enough along that I could finish up with the needle scaler.

To be honest, I'd just use the needle scaler, but it is a little louder and while my air compressor is a nice size for a hobbiest, the 15 gallon tank doesn't last very long powering this particular tool.  I think I'll buy a better quality multi-tool (that is much cheaper than a larger compressor!)

And speaking of spending, I also bought a couple of objects this weekend on the internet. I'll keep those as a surprise until they arrive.

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