Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two down, one to go

Today, I tackled the power steering leaks. And by tackled, I mean I removed the leaking parts and called Studebaker John to see if he had any known good ones in stock. Then I headed over his way.

He said that it was rare for the control valves to leak, and since there are very few seals to replace, we decided to tear it down and take a look. I was almost sure there had to be something that I had done wrong, but that wasn't the case. The only thing we could detect was a bit of abnormal wear inside the valve which was likely allowing fluid under pressure to go where it shouldn't be. So it was off to storage to get another one.

For the pump, John grabbed another one and decided he'd tear into my old one in his spare time. And I found a chrome cover for the new one, so decided to get a little bling.

Then it was back home to install everything. I learned from last time that it would probably be easier to install the hoses before attaching the pitman arm to the steering gear. That cut down install time dramatically.

I was going to paint it up, but it'll never show.
So next up are those three small leaks in the brake lines.

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