Friday, February 7, 2014

Fuel pump and line

With over a foot of snow in the last 24 hours, most of our little town (including where I work) was closed down. This, of course,  gave me a chance to work on the Stude.

Although the metal fuel line on the Studebaker wasn't leaking, I didn't trust it. Hard telling what was lurking on the inside, and it had a slightly coppery sheen to it which isn't right for a fuel line. I had bought some replacement, so underneath the car I went to figure out where I wanted the bends in the line to go. I decided to start at the tank, and work my way to where I was going to mount the fuel pump on the frame.

It is hard to make out the line, so I added a few arrows.
Then it was time to install the pump.  Electric pumps are better at pushing fuel than pulling it, so I found a location on the frame as close to the tank as possible at a low point on the frame. There was even a convenient hole already there.

Note the fuel filter between the pump and tank. Electric fuel pumps like clean fuel.
The front part of the line was easier to route as there were very few bends. I put in a section of rubber hose near the front of the engine to allow for some flex, then routed hard line up behind the water pump to the fuel pressure regulator. Some additional sections of rubber hose, a fuel filter, and then connected it to the carb to complete the job.

I ran out of clamps but that's an easy fix.

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