Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fuel tank

With the tank back, it is time to put in the fuel system. First off, the fuel tank.

I started with a little touch up paint, then after it dried, I installed the fuel gauge sending unit. Here's the tank all ready to go into the car (or so I thought at the time):

My camera's flash does not agree with the tank. It appears satin black in person.
Then, after a bit of wrangling, I managed to bolt it into place:

What is with the weird reflections!
Then, after about an hour struggling to get the rubber hose that connects the tank to the filler tube, I decided to take a break and read the manual. I know, who can't figure out how to bolt in something as simple as a gas tank, right?

The fuel filler assembly has to be installed before the tank is in place. Argh! So off comes the tank. However, I didn't have enough room underneath the car to maneuver it into place with the filler in the correct position, so had to loosen the clamp and rotate the filler tube 180-degrees to fit the tank into place. Of course, this required removing the left rear fender (only held on by 5 bolts at this point, so an easy task.) Then, once in position, I turned the filler up into place and tightened up the clamp.

Well that took a bit longer than expected, but I'm glad it is done. Off to watch the super bowl!

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