Sunday, February 16, 2014

Power Steering Hoses

It was too rainy to take the dogs out for a hike, so this afternoon I decided to put the power steering hoses on the car.  The power steering hoses are a bit of a puzzle, but after enough trial and error I got everything to fit.

Here's the connections to the power ram. After carefully looking at the diagram, I realized I had my power ram upside down, but that was easy to fix. I'm at least 67% certain that I got them in the correct positions.

And here's the control valve, where the real fun took place:

I'll need to stop by my storage unit to get the clamps that hold the hoses up in place; there's also a spring that holds two of the hoses up and back towards the firewall.  I'm not sure I have that part in my stash so might have to see what I can come up with (or order some new parts.)

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