Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Stude: A Love Story

You never forget your first Studebaker
Many years ago the hankerin' for a Studebaker hit me hard. And although I was able to find a 59 Silver Hawk for sale, the price was too high for the condition. So I kept reading the Illustrated Studebaker Buyer's Guide and dreaming.

My wife, however, prepared for the quest. Searching high and low across most of the central plains, she finally located the last existing AMT model at a nearby model store. The dealer, a cross-eyed gentleman in a sweater vest--likely straight from his mother's basement--was loathe to part with it as he recognized  the potential for this piece to increase exponentially in value. With a good bit of flirtation, she was able to get the man to part with his prize and I was entertained for the next several days.

That fall, the old Porsche 911 fell into my lap, and I had project enough for the next couple of years. But the Studebaker stayed there, always within reach, on the corner of my desk. I knew that I'd have one someday.

The picture above (taken with my cell phone) isn't the best quality and the color is off (it really is more of a teal color) due to the weird fluorescent lighting at work--but it is a symbol of love. And I like the model too.

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