Friday, March 25, 2011


Whatever could it be?

I know what I'm reading tonight.

Sorry for the blurry pic. . .a bit dark in the room for my phone
And the rest of the bits to do the rear brakes--plus one slightly damp friend, who must carefully inspect all packages.
I'm trying to convince Walker that just because the brake linings say they're organic doesn't mean they're good for him to eat.
Looks like I'm finally going to be able to get the Stude back on its wheels this weekend--it won't be drivable yet--I'm not going to put any fluid in the brakes until I get it all together since I'm going to use silicon brake fluid instead of the old DOT 3 that's in there now. But it will be nice to be able to at least push it out of the way if I needed.

Love having boxes waiting for me when I get home.

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