Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stude shopping spree

You'll recall that my Studebaker, being a southern california girl, didn't feel the need to have heat. But up here in the Pacific NW, heat and defrost are pretty much essential. I'd had some nibbles on the net from folks who had heating units they'd sell, or parts of one they'd even give me if I paid for shipping, but there's a lot of stuff and shipping would be difficult. Plus it would be nice to see one complete so it would be easier to hook up.

I decided to call a local Studebaker vendor known as Studebaker John in neighboring Lebanon, Oregon to see if he could fix me up. Well fix me up he did:

Lots of heater parts!
I now have almost everything to set up a complete heating system--and plenty of spares. All that I'm lacking is the pull handle and cable to control the heat, the fan switch for the defroster and a heater control valve. I can order everything new with the exception of the pull handle, which I'll have to find used somewhere.

John was a great guy to meet, and he had some beautiful cars and trucks scattered around his place, including a couple of really nice Avanti's and a beautiful red Hawk GT. I'd never really been a fan of Avanti's before, but looking at one up close in great shape, I might have to change my mind.

Now if we could just get a warm sunny weekend so I can clean up these parts and get them painted.

And no, I haven't forgotten the brakes--they'll wait for a slightly warmer day as well.

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